Greeting Cards

We all know pets have personality out the ying-yang. If only they could talk and express their true feelings. Well wait just a darn moment. Apparently, they can. Just Fur Me presents a collection of greeting cards created to celebrate almost any human occasion or emotion as expressed through the mind of pets. Printed on high-quality paper with coordinated envelopes, the cards are an A-7 size and can be mailed with standard postage.

Wrapping Paper

Funky and fun, yet high quality and sophisticated. Hmmmm, how did they do that? Each sheet features different frisky pet patterns and animal prints on each side in a palette of contemporary colors. Just flip it over to create a complementary look for multiple packages. Ribbons in coordinated colors accompany every package. With a D-ring on one end, the ribbon provides the finishing touch to a very unique package.

Note Cards & Notepads

You might think we just sit around all day, play with our pets and dream up neat stuff to design and add to our line of Just Fur Me products. Yep. That about sums it up.


Slap one of these babies on a gift and the reaction will be Bow. Wow!  This self-adhesive bow, doubles as a 4 ft. long, high quality, 3/8 inch nylon leash. But wait, there s more! Also included is a metallic pet tag/gift tag that can be easily personalized with any writing instrument. Paired with our fun and funky wrapping paper, this bow provides the finishing touch to a very unique pet themed package.

Wholesalers Only

At this time, Just Fur Me is only accepting wholesale orders. So, if you're interested in carrying our product line, please call or email. Phone 210.832.0908 Toll-Free 888.537.0055 Fax 210.832.0007 Email:

Press Kit

Need product shots or a press release of our pet themed bows, wrapping paper and cards? You've come to the right page. Our line consists of an assortment of capricious greeting cards, beautiful gift wrapping paper, coordinating ribbons, gift tags, note cards and notepads. All products feature whimsical illustrated characters and reflect a variety of warm, contemporary colors.

BOW.WOW! Bow Leash Photos

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Wrapping Paper Photos

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Greeting Cards Group Photos

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Greeting Card Single-Front Photos

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Greeting Card Single-Inside Photos

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Just Fur Me - Press Release PDF

Download Just Fur Me - Press Release PDF


National Stationery Show Just Fur Me will be making its debut at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York on May 20-23. The doggie doors will be opened at 9am and we'll have a trick or two to entertain and wow the entire show. Come by and see us at booth number 3656.

About us

There s a small, internationally known design firm in Texas where life can only be described as dog eat dog " Someone s always barking out their demands " A few can be observed trying to claw their way to the top " Being kept on a short leash is the norm " And some have been known to turn tricks just to get attention. Because on any given day, there are more animals roaming our office than designers " Most are our personal pets " Some are with us for a short time while we find them a good home.

So it s probably not surprising that when we turned our talents to designing high quality, unique gift-giving accessories, pets played a major role in inspiring the direction " You could say they helped us unleash our inner beast " And the result is Just Fur Me " Greeting cards, wrapping paper, bows, note cards and more created to celebrate human occasions and emotions from a pet s point of view. A portion of the proceeds from all Just Fur Me sales are donated to humane animal shelters.

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1020 Townsend Ave. San Antonio, Texas 78209 USA Phone 210.832.0908 Toll-Free 888.537.0055 Fax 210.832.0007


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